These cupboards are one of the largest components of a bathroom and it has the ability to change and enhance the style and appearance of your bathroom.

These cupboards are exposed to constant moisture, therefore the material and finish should be selected carefully. It should be considered to fix the unit to the wall or fix the cupboards onto stainless steel feet preventing water damage. It also gives a great modern look to your bathroom. First we should decide on Sit-on basins or drop-in basins, this will be taken in consideration when we design and construct the vanities and when choosing the top. Granite / Quartz stone can be considered for a luxuries look and complete your new bathroom. Open shelving is always a great idea for towels or decorations to spice up you bathroom. There are many beautiful colours to choose from and all depends on your personal choice and when you choose the colour of your vanities to match your tiles and style of your Bathroom.

Bathrooms are a very important part of your house, having a luxuries and classic bathroom will add tremendous value to you home.

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