Kitchen Cabinets

Ensuring you Receive Expert Cabinet Craftsmanship & Exceptional Customer Experience

Stylex Kitchens and Cupboards helps you create a kitchen that is stunning to look at and fun to socialize in. We are a leading kitchen cabinet manufacturing company providing high-end kitchen cabinets to thousands of satisfied South African customers for over 15 years.

We offer a large collection of kitchen cabinet designs that are professionally engineered. Stylex Kitchens is sure to find you the perfect kitchen cabinetry you require.


At Stylex Kitchens, we challenge ourselves to exceed our high standards of construction quality to ensure you receive the best cabinet value for your money.

  • Solid Craftsmanship. We take pride in carefully selecting premium raw materials and hardware to build our kitchen cabinets. Our experienced craftspeople use the most advanced German engineering methods in our plant to manufacture cabinets that will last you a lifetime.
  • Affordable Selection. We have a wide selection of traditional and cutting edge modern kitchen cabinet designs. Provide us with your own personal design, and we can manufacture your custom kitchen cabinets from a large selection of materials. We have many options to find a cabinet solution that fits within your budget.
  • Outstanding Customer Experience. We work hard to be the kitchen cabinet manufacturer you can trust. We protect your peace of mind by answering all your questions. You never have to worry about your kitchen cabinets again.
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